crepi facade

Many homeowners at some point consider renovating their facade or having it plastered with crepi. Crepi, also called decorative plaster, is a popular option for both renovation and new construction projects. It offers aesthetic added value to a home, but also has practical advantages.

A crepi facade renovation can completely transform the appearance of a house. With different finishing options and colors, crepi is suitable for both modern and classic architecture. In addition, the plaster layer ensures that the facade is protected against weather influences and moisture, which extends the lifespan of the facade.

Crepi is also a commonly used choice for new construction projects. It immediately gives the new home a sleek and finished appearance. In addition, crepi is easy to apply to different surfaces, such as brick, concrete or wood. This makes it a versatile option for all types of homes.

For a crepi facade renovation or new construction, it is important to engage a professional company. They have the knowledge, experience and materials to apply the plaster in a correct and sustainable manner. They can also provide advice on the different finishing options and colors that best suit the style of the home.

All in all, crepi is an excellent choice for both facade renovation and new construction. It not only offers aesthetic added value, but also provides protection and durability. Whether you are looking for a new look for your existing home or a finished facade for your new construction project, crepi is a versatile and high-quality option.

  • facade insulation

    Renovation is in, especially with current energy prices. When renovating, it is best to insulate your exterior facade and then with... crepi facade finishes. This way you avoid cold bridges and you have a beautifully finished facade.

    crepi facade